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Are you thinking about buying a bike to move around the city?

Kleta is the best of your options. We offer you a bicycle subscription that adapts to your needs. If you live in Valencia Barcelona do not hesitate to count on us. Do you want to know why people trust Kleta? Keep reading.

bicicleta de calidad ventajas Kleta
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Quality bikes and accessories

Speed in your travels, mechanical safety, a light urban bike, flexibility to choose your model and accessories.

reparaciones incluidas gratis Kleta ventajas

repairs included

Our subscription, includes the repair of your bicycle for any problem that may occur (wheels, frame, chain...).

aparcar bicicleta fuera de casa ventajas Kleta

Bike designed to park on the street

You can safely park your Kleta on the street thanks to the design of anti-theft nuts and padlocks included in your subscription.

Mantenimiento bicicleta a domicilio ventajas Kleta


wherever you are

You choose if you want to add a Kleta Service plan with home repairs, so you can rest easy if your bike has a technical breakdown.

bicicleta diseño antirrobo ventajas Kleta

Don't worry about theft

Thanks to the anti-throbotic design of our Kletas  and the distinction of the yellow wheel, you won't have to worry about the integrity of your bike.

Rueda amarilla antipinchazos ventajas Kleta

puncture resistant wheel

Our wheels are designed to avoid all kinds of punctures and you will be able to go safely on the busiest roads in the city.


The maintenance of the bicycles and their innovative design, designed for sleeping on the street, make Kleta one of the most chosen options when hiring a bicycle subscription.

Kleta offers many more user-friendly features than de other bike services. Below we present the reasons why you should choose Kleta to move around the city and start pedaling with us in a more sustainable and efficient way.

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