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What is bicycle maintenance?

A bicycle maintenance is an activity in which you make sure that all the elements that are part of the bicycle are in good condition and, in addition, you clean and check that everything works correctly. In this way, you can check the status of each part of the bike and find out if any of them may be more deteriorated or cause damage to other parts.


This, which seems easy, is actually not so easy, and requires patience and time to clean, review and verify each of the pieces. For this reason, it is a task that many end up leaving for the last moment, thus lengthening the period for reviewing the bicycle. And with this, increasing the possibility that it suffers a serious problem (with its consequent financial outlay later).


To avoid this, at Kleta we are very given to checking our kletas thoroughly. We know that, when a bicycle subscription begins, the one you are going to receive will have passed the controls that we establish so that it arrives in perfect condition. But after a while we will verify that this bicycle continues to work as always. To do this, we will maintain the bike to make sure there are no problems with it and thus anticipate possible situations that make you have to do without it.

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The advantages of Kleta

Maintenance of your bike

Imagine that you have just finished work on a Friday afternoon and you are already thinking about the bike ride that you are going to take on Saturday to get rid of a hard week. But, before doing so, you have to carry out a maintenance of the bicycle. And that means spending hours and hours after arriving home exhausted. ring a bell?

Since we know that nobody likes the "bad" part of things, what if you bet on a bicycle subscription where, in addition, does bicycle maintenance come in the price? Goodbye hours de calibrate y check the components… Hello, free time!

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How much does bike maintenance cost in Kleta

Is all this very good? Not having to take care of your bike, but just to see that everything is correct to ride it, is a bargain. But surely right now you are considering how much this service costs.


Well, you should know that it costs nothing. The bicycle maintenance service is included in the price of your bicycle subscription, which means that, with what you pay monthly, you cover the maintenance of your machine. Of course, we ask you in return to take very good care of her and to notify us whenever anything happens to her so that we can take action on the matter.


Having a bike plan that takes care of keeping the bike like the first day is a relief since you won't have to dedicate part of your time to it, just take it to the Kleta workshop, or even receive a technician who will be in charge of checking it from top to bottom to leave it ready for your next walk, whether in the city or outside of it.


Having a bicycle has its good part, and its bad. The latter is the time that you must dedicate to the maintenance of the bicycle, as well as the financial outlay that you will have if you have to replace any part, or the entire bike!


Do you want to forget about all that? Get a bike plan in Kleta? All you have to do is enjoy your bike and we'll take care of bike maintenance and repairs without affecting the price of your subscription. A whole bargain for very little a month!



Why Klette?

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