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reparación de la bicicleta

What can the bicycle repair consist of?

A bicycle can break down due to multiple problems. Some have to do with the chain, others with the brakes; sometimes, in the case of the e-Kletas, it can be because of the engine they have. Some repairs are very easy, such as changing a flat tire, or repairing the seat because it has come off. Others will require a little more time and we will have to remove the Kleta (but we will replace it with another). Some incidents may be more serious than others, everything will depend on the situation in which you find yourself.

Actually, there are many problems that bicycles can give when they are used. But almost all these incidents can be solved, and for this reason the most important thing is to call us so that we can get going and take care of the matter as soon as possible so that it does not interfere with your day-to-day life and you can continue as usual. You will have true bicycle experts so we will know what is wrong with your Kleta and, depending on the Kleta Service you have chosen, we will repair it up to the same day. Imagine that you arrive at your office, give the report and when you leave work you have it ready to go home. Well, this is the service we want to give you.

Reparación de la bicicleta

The advantages of Kleta

repair your bike

One of the consequences of using a bicycle is that its components wear out and thus deteriorate to the point that they need a bicycle repair. But that, sometimes, can be expensive, and take a long time. Unless you have a bicycle subscription with a bicycle repair included in the price.

With Kleta, you will not only have your bike ready to start using it; You will also have other services that will mean that you only have to worry about leaving with the bicycle. We take care of the rest of the problems.

More advantages included in the bike subscription

bicicleta de calidad

Quality bikes and accessories

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taller de bicicletas

repairs included

aparcar bicicleta en la calle

Bike designed to park on the street

mantenimiento de bicicleta

Maintenance wherever you are

rueda amarilla antipinchazos

puncture resistant wheel

bicicleta antirrobos

Don't worry about theft

Why Kleta?


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No deposit

no additional charges

From your mobile

manage your subscription

Discover our selection of urban electric bikes perfect for moving freely around the city. Warranty included, financing option and the option to try before you buy.

Buy your new urban bike!

Your own bike for a monthly, quarterly or annual rental, designed to move freely in the city with the accessories and services you need.

Your own bike for subscription!

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