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The advantages of Kleta

Your Kleta bike sleeps in the street

Our bicycles equipped with an anti-theft system allow you to leave your bike sleeping on the street. But you may wonder, what are the advantages of leaving the bike parked on the street? Below we give you several reasons. Stay informed about all the advantages that our bicycle subscription includes.

Don't suffer for leaving your bike on the street and thinking that someone can steal it from you. With the anti-theft system with an intelligent lock and the anti-theft nuts your bicycle. You can simply leave your bike at the nearest anchorage point or bike parking.

Bicicleta Sergura para niños

Save time on your journeys

Unlike other bike services, you can leave your Kleta in any bike parking lot, so you won't have to leave it in any parking lot or specific bike station and walk the rest of the way. You can leave it very close to your house!

Save money at the end of the month

Unlike other bicycle services, Kleta does not have a time limit on your journeys. You also don't pay more for a longer journey. Our subscription is a flat rate and is paid monthly, so you will end up saving money since within your subscription you will enjoy unlimited trips with your bicycle.

You will not take up space in your flat

You will no longer have to allocate the storage room or another room or corridor of your home to store the bicycle, because it will sleep on the street. Nor will you occupy any landing on the stairs, nor will you have to suffer the complaints of the neighbors.

Do you have a baby carrier, a basket or a phone holder? Don't worry. The accessories of your Kleta can be perfectly next to your bike.

Your accessories can also stay with your Kleta

Why Klette?



Bicicleta de Calidad

Quality bikes and accessories

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Taller de bicicletas

repairs included

Aparcar bicicleta en la calle

Bike designed to park on the street

Mantenimiento de bicicleta

Maintenance wherever you are

Rueda amarilla

puncture resistant wheel

Bicicleta Antirrobos

Don't worry about theft


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