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Anti-theft bicycle, so you do not suffer from losing the kleta

Living an experience in which something that is yours is stolen, or that you are using it, is not pleasant. That's why at Kleta we have smart locks to secure it very well wherever you go, and leave it where you leave it. Of course, we ask that, as far as possible, you do it in highly visible places, where there are people passing through and even, if you are able to see it from your window, much better, because that way you will even be able to control it.

Smart locks are difficult to break, and special tools are needed, plus it takes longer than usual to break it. For this reason, many decide not to touch them due to the time they require.


We ask you that, whenever you have to leave your kleta on the street, you do it in the U-shaped parking lots for bicycles, since if you do it in other places they will not be safe (or traffic signs, no trees, fences, etc.). If you set the locks correctly, it will be almost impossible to steal it, which will ensure that when you come back for it, it will be there waiting for you. For this, you have an anti-theft device on the bicycle wheel, another anti-theft device on the bicycle seat. And you can always put more to make sure that no one is going to take it from you or take it if you don't want to. But, what happens if it is stolen?

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The advantages of Kleta

Anti-theft guarantee

When you use the bicycle to go to work, home or shopping, you have to park it to enter the buildings. But, what happens if when you return, you realize that it is gone? And if they steal it? It is clearly not a pleasant feeling.


Therefore, one of the advantages of our bike subscription is that the bikes come with anti-theft nuts and, in addition, we will give you padlocks with which it will be very difficult for them to be removed. In any case, you will have a bicycle anti-theft guarantee, so that you do not worry if it is taken from you even if you have parked it well.

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What to do if your bike is stolen

At Kleta we take great care of our bicycles and that is why you have a guarantee anti-theft bicycle. Now, in order to use it, we need you to contact us through our customer service channels and tell us what happened so that we report the theft to the police. We will take care of everything and we will verify with you that the padlocks were well placed. If this has been the case, you have nothing to worry about, because the insurance will respond.


And how can we know that the padlocks were on correctly? Well, as we have told you, they are intelligent, and only when they get well do they release the key that opens (or closes) them. If you have them in your possession, we will know that you have placed all the measures to persuade the "crooks" to leave her alone. The only thing you've had bad luck.


Having an anti-theft bicycle takes away a lot of headaches, because you know that it will be the best protected so that, when you go for it, it will continue in the same place that you left it, without missing anything. This is achieved thanks to the insurance that we make available to our subscribers in order to insure the bicycle.


But, if something happens, nothing happens either. Let us know, we report it to the police and you will have a replacement so you don't run out of a kleta while we take care of filing the complaint and keeping an eye out in case it appears. Meanwhile, you can continue your day to day without worrying.

More advantages included in the bike subscription

Why Kleta?

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Quality bikes and accessories

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repairs included

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Bike designed to park on the street

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Maintenance wherever you are

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puncture resistant wheel

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Don't worry about theft


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