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Kleta for Business

For your employees to happily ride to work on city bikes.

Our exclusive plans for businesses

Going to work has never been so much fun

You will be able to experience the city in a different way.

Your employees will have more energy

They will be more active after they have moved around a bit.

They will save time on their journeys

They have their own way of transportation without depending on the times of others.

Improve your physical and mental well-being

They'll have time to move, their body will produce more endorphins, and they'll be able to unwind.

Do you want to offer bikes to your employees?

Kleta is what you were looking for

Do you want an internal fleet of bikes?

Kleta as a benefit for your employees

It costs 0€ for your company

Save up to 25% for your team

We take care of all the operations

opinión empresa sesame hr


"Our friends from Kleta visited us to tell us about the new benefit for our team. Both they and their bikes are already part of the Sesame family. We created a great partnership."

Let's start changing your team's lives!

We would love to know your needs and give you personalized advice.

 Shall we schedule a meeting? 

Kleta para empresas Badi
Kleta para empresas Keyweo
Kleta para empresas Rzilient
Kleta para empresas Glovo
Kleta para empresas Gorillas
Kleta para empresas Sesame

Kleta in your company

Kleta as internal fleet

Exclusive discounts

All services included

An account manager to help you with everything

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