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Buy your urban bike, hassle-free

Discover our selection of urban electric bikes perfect for moving freely around the city. Warranty included, financing option and the option to try before you buy.

Try and buy

Not sure what's your perfect bike before you buy it? Don't worry, in Kleta we make it easy for you. Try the bike for 1 month and then buy the one that best suits you.

1 Month trial before purchase

Option to finance

3-year warranty

Everything starts here!
Choose your bike

Bike type

Brompton Electric 2nd Hand

Desde 19,8€/mes

Price to consult

Bici Kleta eléctrica y mecánica

e-Kleta 2 High Frame

Desde 19,8€/mes

From 799 €

Bici Kleta eléctrica y mecánica

e-Kleta Family

Desde 19,8€/mes

From 3299 €

Bici Kleta eléctrica y mecánica

Riese & Muller Multitinker

Desde 19,8€/mes

From 5999 €

Bici Kleta eléctrica y mecánica

Tenways CGO009

Desde 19,8€/mes

From 2399 €

Bici Kleta eléctrica y mecánica

wab! EFT7

Desde 19,8€/mes

From 1999 €

Bici Kleta eléctrica y mecánica

Kleta Low Frame

Desde 19,8€/mes

From 199 €

Bici Kleta eléctrica y mecánica

e-Kleta 2 Low Frame

Desde 19,8€/mes

From 799 €

Bici Kleta eléctrica y mecánica

Tenways CGO800s

Desde 19,8€/mes

From 1899 €

Bici Kleta eléctrica y mecánica

Brompton 2nd Hand

Desde 19,8€/mes

Price to consult

Bici Kleta eléctrica y mecánica

wab! EFT5

Desde 19,8€/mes

From 1949 €

Bici Kleta eléctrica y mecánica

Riese & Muller Packster 70

Desde 19,8€/mes

From 4999 €

Bici Kleta eléctrica y mecánica

Our service that makes you enjoy
your bike hassle-free

Anti-theft insurance

Don't worry about your bike being stolen and take out an anti-theft insurance with Kleta. Included in all subscription models.

On-site repairs

Our mechanics go wherever your bike is, and we repair your bike without your presence!

Our workshop

Our workshop is open for repairs of any bike, come by for an express analysis!

Substitute bicycle

We offer you a substitute bike in case you can't repair it right away, so you can always go out riding!

The best accessories for your urban bike

Discover all the accessories available to customize your bike with everything you need.


Equip your bike with a 25kg child seat, a 35kg junior seat or a trailer and experience family adventures you'll never forget.


Elevate your cycling style with our jerseys, raincoats and cycling fashion.


Get ready to ride safe and in style with our selection of helmets, anti-theft locks, lights and more!


Customize your bike with a pet basket and enjoy the ride together!


For more comfortable and practical bike rides with our panniers, saddlebags and luggage racks.

We'll be pleased to advise you!

How, when and where you prefer.

Urban Bike Specialis
Subscribe or buy with expert advice. Online or in our store.
Personalized customer experience
Our customer service team will help you with your questions or doubts quickly.
Take it for a ride
Book a free ride on one of our bikes in the store. Choose the one that best suits you.

Do you have any questions?

Here you will find some of our most frequently asked questions about our subscription or sale of urban bicycles:

  • The process is very simple: First you need to choose the bike you like and then your city to see the availability. You can choose the Kleta Service you are interested in and the payment method. Before continuing with the checkout, select how you prefer to pay, if cash or through financing. Continue the process and book an appointment to pick up your bike at our Kleta point in your city.

  • You can choose if you prefer to pay the total value, or if you prefer, you can choose to pay by financing.
    In this case, if you choose financing, a €60 reservation fee will be debited to start the process, which will then be deducted from the cost of the bike. As a final step our team will reach out to you to finalize the financing process, do not worry it is quick and easy.

  • With Kleta you can add anti-theft warranty and unlimited maintenance in workshops or at home. The types of services may vary depending on the city where you are, all are designed for you to enjoy your bike.
    To add the services, select the ones you are interested in, and our team will contact you to advise you and complete the process.
    The payment is monthly/yearly and will be added to the installments you pay for the purchase of the bike.

  • You can buy throughout Spain. The cities where the "Unlimited repairs and maintenance" service is available are: Barcelona, Valencia, Badalona, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat and Madrid.
    If your city is not listed, select "other" and we will contact you to give you the best solution.

  • The delivery of the bike to our Kleta points is free in the cities available in the dropdown of the website. Once you have placed the order for your bike, either in cash or through financing, you can book an appointment to pick it up at the Kleta point of your city.
    The delivery time is 2 to 4 working days. The day of your appointment, we will explain everything about your new electric bike along with the services you have chosen. In case your city does not appear in the dropdown, we will send the bike to your home.

  • Yes, at the time of financing, you have several installment options from 3 to 48 installments. The monthly payments are always the same. You will not have to pay any down payment, only the reservation, since with this payment we start the whole process, there are no deposits or final payments.

    You'll only need your DNI, NIE or NIF. Depending on your current employment situation, we will ask you for a series of information in order to complete your application successfully.

Thanks for submitting!

Still have questions?

Complete the form, and our team of experts will get in touch. We can create a personalized selection just for you :)

Not sure which bike to choose?

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