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Rueda de bicicleta resistente

Anti-puncture wheel...

goodbye punctures?

The anti-puncture wheel of the bike does not mean that it cannot be punctured. Actually yes it can. But the characteristic that differentiates it from normal tires is that inside it has a system in which, if the tire is punctured, it allows you to continue several kilometers with it until it starts to give more serious problems. This distance depends on the type of wheel, but normally they can go up to 80-150 extra kilometers. Of course, it is recommended to watch the speed since, the faster you go, the more the loss of air will accelerate.

And it is that what the system does is control the loss of pressure in such a way that the air will go out but it will do so more slowly, so that you have time to get to your home, to the office, or wherever you can. stop and call us to notify us of the problem you have.
To get in touch with us you can use the phone, WhatsApp or the application.

We will contact you as soon as possible and try to repair your kleta right then and there. But, if it can't be, we'll give you a spare bike. As a general rule, repairs are carried out the same day as the problem and best of all, you will not have to pay any additional cost. Everything will be included in the bike subscription what do you have.

Rueda amarilla bicicleta

The advantages of Kleta

puncture resistant wheel

The worst thing for someone who rides a bicycle is that all of a sudden you notice that your tire goes flat and you notice that you have a puncture. Because you will no longer be able to use it and that means that you do not arrive at the time you had proposed. For this reason, at Kleta we want to provide as complete a service as possible in our bike plan, and we provide our customers with a puncture-resistant wheel so that you can forget about problems.


The flat-free tire on the bike is just one of the many benefits of a bike subscription with Kleta. But we would like you to know a little more about this advantage of your bike plan.

Bicicleta de calidad

Why we bet on anti-puncture wheels for kletas

Anti-puncture wheels are more expensive than normal ones, and we use them in all our bikes because we want your bike to be in perfect condition and that you don't have any problems in your day-to-day life due to its use. In addition, we do not know for sure if you are going to go through an urban area, rural areas, bike routes... Thus, we make sure that the wheels will withstand any surface and it will be more difficult for them to get punctured.

They also have another series of advantages for which we have considered this type of wheels such as making the bicycle lighter, giving you greater safety when pedaling because they adhere to the surface wherever you go or avoiding unpleasant accidents. . We care about your safety and that is why we offer you a safe and quality means of transport.

We are not going to tell you that with the anti-puncture wheel you will never suffer a puncture, because it is not like that. But there is less probability that you will find yourself in this situation. And if you do, don't worry! Just call us and we will repair it as soon as possible so that your kleta is at full capacity as soon as possible.

There are many advantages that we give you in Kleta with your subscription. What are you waiting for to join those who are already in the city driving bicycles with the yellow wheel?



Why Klette?

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Maintenance wherever you are

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puncture resistant wheel

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