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Subscribe to Kleta and enjoy your own hassle-free bike in Valencia with home repairs and anti-theft warranty included.

Bicycle subscription in Valencia

How to subscribe to Kleta?

Your bike plan is so easy that we explain it in 4 steps:


Choose your bike

Choose your preferred bike model and select the city where you will start riding.


Choose your subscription plan

You will be able to choose the subscription period that best suits you: monthly, quarterly or yearly.


Add everything you need

Anti-theft warranty, on-site repairs, child seat, basket and more. Make your cycling experience amazing!


You decide when it starts

The day you pick up your bike at our store is the day your subscription starts. You decide when and where.

Rent a bike in Valencia

Bicycle rental in Valencia is booming. A city with so many interesting places to see needed a means of transport with which to get quickly from one point to another. And in Kleta we want to make your life easier with your own bike in Valencia.

Forget about traffic jams, stress and rushing everywhere. With our bike subscription, you can park your bike in the closest parking lot to your home and get to work, study or have a drink with friends in the blink of an eye.

What is included in your bike subscription in Valencia?

Your bike subscription includes having your own urban bike at an affordable, worry-free price that you pay month to month.

In your bike plan you will be able to benefit from other advantages, for example:

Your own bike

We give you an urban bike that will be yours alone, you won't have to share it with anyone else, move freely around the city!

You will have anti-theft locks to protect your bike, but if your bike is stolen, you don't have to worry because we cover you with the anti-theft warranty included in your plan.

In case of an unexpected event on your bike, we will take care of the repairs, or we will exchange it for a new one. Our mechanics on the street will repair your Kleta or you can also stop by our store to have it repaired.


Being a monthly subscription, you decide how long you want to have your Kleta, and with no registration or deposit fee. You can always manage your subscription directly from our app in case you want to renew.

You will be able to park your Kleta on the street in a bike park thanks to the anti-theft nuts and locks included. Don't take it upstairs, sleep outside your home!


Customize your Kleta as you like! You choose if you want to add a basket, child seat, rear-view mirrors and even an extra battery for longer rides.

Monthly bike rental prices in Valencia


A hybrid between “mechanical” and electric. The e-Kletas have a removable battery that will give you more than 25 kilometers of autonomy. Accessories available.

Electric bike

From 44,90 €/month

Lightweight bicycle model with gears. Designed to move wherever you want in Barcelona, includes locks and front and rear lights. Accessories available.

Mechanic bike

From 19,90 €/month

Your perfect family bike for the city. Carry up to 3 children in the back with you. Accessories available, child saddle 25kg or junior saddle 35kg, option only with rear rack.

Bici familiar

From 99 €/month

Do you have any questions?

Here you will find some of our most frequently asked questions about our subscription or sale of urban bicycles:

  • Your subscription to Kleta is made online through our website, you just have to choose the bike, the duration of the plan, the accessories and the Kleta Service that best suits you. Then you make the payment and... You're done!

    Once the subscription is done, you must book an appointment to come and pick up your bike in one of our stores or Kleta points, our team will be happy to assist you.

  • Even if you have already made the payment through our website, your subscription does not become effective until the day you pick up your bike. The reservation to pick up your Kleta must be made during the subscription process.

    If for any reason you are unable to attend your scheduled pick-up appointment, you have the option to reschedule the appointment through the app for users.

  • Your subscription includes:


    • A bicycle with yellow front wheel.

    • Security locks.

    • Lights: front and back.

    • Mobile phone holder.

    • Bell.

    • Easel.

    • *Only for e-Kleta: charger and battery.

    • Your subscription to Kleta includes an anti-theft guarantee (90%), workshop repairs and incidents resolved within 48 hours.

    • You always have the possibility to contract additional services and accessories (basket, baby/child seat, additional battery and charger, rear rack and rearview mirror).

  • These are the services you hire so you don't have to worry while you enjoy your Kleta. All our subscription plans include an anti-theft guarantee (90%), workshop repairs and incidents resolved within 48 hours. In addition, you have the possibility to contract more services and improve the current ones:


    • 100% anti-theft guarantee for only +7€/month

    • Repairs in garages and at home (in Barcelona and Valencia) for only +5€/month

    • Incident resolution in 24 hours for only +3€/month

  • If you wish to cancel your subscription, the first step is to access your app for users, click on the "YOUR SUBSCRIPTION" section, then click on "X Cancel your subscription" where you can complete the form and schedule an appointment to return the bicycle.


    Remember that you must select a day and time before the end date of the contract. *Subject to the permanence of your plan.


    The second step will be to go to your appointment and actually return the bike at the store or Kleta point you have chosen. From this moment on, your subscription will be 100% cancelled.

  • Your plan will automatically renew at the end of each minimum commitment period (monthly, quarterly or annual), unless you decide to cancel or modify it before the renewal date.


    Your subscription will renew with the same plan, accessories and services you currently have. You will be able to view all the details from the app for users by clicking on the "YOUR SUBSCRIPTION" section and then click on "VIEW DETAILS".

    If you wish to add accessories, click on "ADD ACCESSORIES" and select the accessory you need.


    And in case you want to change your plan, change the bike model (e-Kleta or Kleta) or add a service, click on "ENHANCE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION" and you will be able to choose everything you need to pedal without worries.

We spend an average of 300 hours a year on our daily commute alone.
Why don't we make it less and better?

Switch to bicycles!

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