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Give a bike subscription as a present!

Choose your Gift Card

Kleta Gift Card 2 Months


Give two months of Bike subscription 

Kleta Gift Card 3 Months


Give three months of Bike subscription 

Kleta Gift Card 6 Months


Give six months of Bike subscription  

How Kleta works

Buy Gift Card

BUY a gift card

Sign up and choose the Kleta gift card you like. After the purchase, you  choose if you want to receive it via email or post.

Get your Kleta in 24 hours

The lucky one gets the bike

You'll receive an email where your lucky one can schedule the pick up of the bike. The plan starts when the Kleta is picked up.

We will fix your Kleta

THE kleta Needs a fix?

We fix the Kleta or replace it on the spot. We make sure that your lucky one never has to worry about the bike.

Return the bike anytime

Return the Bike after YOUR PLAN ends

Your lucky one will return the bike after the plan ends or simply continues as a regular member.

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More than a rental, better than buying

Quality Bike

A quality bike

Our kleta and e-kleta are tailor-made for big cities. You choose colour, basket and other accessories. 

Kleta at night

Your Kleta sleeps outside at night

Our smart locking system protects all parts of the bike. In case your bike gets stolen, our anti-theft guarantee covers you.

Kleta Convenient

Enjoy full convenience

We fix your Kleta within hours or replace it with a new one. At your place or in our stores.

Kleta Flexibility

Complete flexibility

No initial investment and no long-term commitment. Simply cancel with a one month notice period.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the gift card?

As soon as you purchased the plan you’d like to give, you get an email confirmation where you decide if you want the gift card via email or a physical one via post.
If you decide to get the gift card via post, you will receive it within 24-48 hours with a domicile in Spain.

How can the person redeem her/his voucher?

Redeeming the voucher is super easy. With the purchase of the gift card you will get a separate email that you forward after you gave your gift card. In the email the pick up of the bike is explained with all instructions and the pick up can be scheduled easily. The same process allows you to select the colour of the bike and if you want to add a basket or other accessories like a child seat.

When does the subscription start?

The subscription starts as soon as the bike is picked up.. The 2, 3 or 6 months period will start from then onwards.

How do we send the gift card?

We will either send the gift card via email or post. After the purchase of the gift card, we’ll send you an email where you can choose how to receive the gift card.

How can the subscription be canceled after the gift card has been used?
After the 2, 3 or 6 months there are two options. Either the bike is returned at the end of the subscription (we will send a reminder before the period is over) or you simply continue as a regular member subscribing to Kleta.

What happens if my bike needs maintenance/needs to be fixed?

Our subscription includes full maintenance and also technical assistance in case of any incidents. We’ll always make sure that your Kleta is working again within 24 hours. If we can’t fix the bike on the spot, you’ll get a new one!

What happens if my Kleta is stolen?

Your Kleta comes with three locks and can be left locked outside, even at night. Very important is that you lock your bike at a bike parking stand (in the shape of a ‘U’ that can be found all over the city) and not at a fence, tree, or a road sign.

If you always lock the bike properly, you don't have to worry about your bike being stolen. But in case it happens, our Kleta anti-theft guarantee got your back. Proved your bike was locked properly, you only have to pay a €30 administrative fee.

How can I prove I locked my Kleta properly?

We know you have locked your Kleta properly by showing us the key of the back lock. Locking the bike is the only way to get the key out of the lock. So don’t worry, you DO NOT have to take photos of your Kleta every time you park it!