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Origin of the word "bicycle"

Before going fully into talking about what a bicycle is, you should know where it comes from, that is, what is the origin of the word, since you need to know the reason why it is called "bicycle" and not another shape.


The word bicycle comes from three different languages: Latin, Greek and French. It is formed as follows:

  • "bi-", Latin prefix meaning "two."

  • "kyklos", Greek word meaning "wheel".

  • "-ette", French diminutive.


Thus, the meaning of bicycle indicates that it is a means of transport made up of two wheels. The pedals, along with the chain, chainring and sprocket, are the elements that allow the wheels to move. Something for which it is necessary for the person to exert their own propulsion, that is, to pedal. This action causes the front and rear wheels to turn, thus allowing movement.

All the elements that make up a bicycle are integrated into a structure called "frame", where a seat or saddle and a handlebar or handlebar are also located to control the direction in which you want to go.

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bicycle definition

What is a bicycle: definition and meaning

If we ask you right now about what is a bicycle, the most likely thing is that in your mind the image of one will form and you will say that it is a vehicle with two wheels and a handlebar, that it does not need any type of fuel more than the physical strength of a person to function and that it is sustainable because it does not pollute. But what if we asked you for a more precise meaning of bicycle?

For example, do you know where the word bicycle comes from and what it means? What are the different uses of a bicycle? Don't worry, because right now we are going to help you learn everything about this means of transport that is so fashionable right now.

Why Klette?

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What is the bicycle for?

There is no doubt that the use of a bicycle is linked to being a means of transport. The bikes can be used both in urban and rural environments, with the advantage that they do not need any type of polluting fuel to function. For this reason, they are considered ecological and sustainable, since the energy they need to function is obtained from the user who performs a physical activity that transforms that energy into movement.

In addition, the bicycle is one of the most economical vehicles, because you do not have to "recharge any deposit" and because they also cost less than other types of vehicles. If this is added to the fact that it hardly has maintenance costs and allows you to forget about traffic jams and travel more freely than with other means of transport, we would have a plus in its use.
More and more people have realized the advantages of using a bicycle over other vehicles, and this is the reason why both large cities and many smaller ones are promoting its use.

The bicycle has become a healthy, ecological and sustainable means of transport, and it is easy to function with it. But, if you also have a company like ours, which takes care of the maintenance of your bike and its repair so that you only have to focus on enjoying yourself, the advantages are much greater.


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