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Suscríbete o compra y paga mes a mes

Subirla a tu piso no será un problema

Mantenimiento y reparaciones incluidas

¿Un pinchazo en la calle? Nos hacemos cargo

Your own bike

with unlimited repairs and anti-theft guarantee

First choose your city.

Subscribe or buy and pay month by month

It will always be a bike just for you, you won't have to worry about sharing one.

Getting it up to your flat won't be a problem.

Choose a Kleta and park it on the street or choose a folding bike and effortlessly bring it up to your flat.

Maintenance and repairs included

In case of damage, we repair your bike for free as many times as you need in our Kleta workshops.

A puncture in the street? We take care of it

Add home repairs and our mechanics will repair your Kleta.

Getting around on your bike
is easier with Kleta

Cómo funciona Kleta

A tu manera: la bici y los servicios que necesitas.


Selecciona tu bici



Elige suscripción o compra



Añade todo lo que necesites



Tú decides cuando inicia


How Kleta works

Your way: the bike and the services you need.


Select your bike

Choose the city, select the bike and add the accessories you want.


Choose subscription or purchase

No matter what you choose, you will always have the Kleta services included and the option to buy the bike later.


Add everything you need

Anti-theft warranty, home repairs, child seat, basket and more Make your cycling experience amazing!


You decide when it starts

The day you pick up your bike from our shop is the day your subscription starts. You decide when and where.

Sleeps outside

Forget about having to bring your bike up to your place, your Kleta is designed to sleep on the street.

Unlimited repairs

With our Kleta Service, you can choose home repairs and maintenance.

A bike just for you

You will never have to worry about sharing it again. Your Kleta belongs to you and only you.


From 44,90 €/month

High in demand! Enjoy the best of both worlds. An electric bike that transforms into a manual one.

e-Bike Foldable XXS

From 44,90 €/month

With a full size of just 130 x 97 x 58cm and its 16" wheels, the Exxite XXS fits anywhere.


From 44,90 €/month

Feeling leisurely? Or rushing through? The choice is yours! An electric bike that morphs into a manual one.


From 19,90 €/month

A classic, but better! Lightweight and manual, it adjusts to you as seamlessly as you to it.


In order to see the details of each bike, you must first select your city.



Choose the one that best suits you and let's start pedaling together.

We spend an average of 300 hours a year on our daily commute alone. Why not make it less?

If you're still thinking about it...

Or, if you prefer, we have the TIPS to take the first step and...

move around the city by bike

We pedal with you!

Our customer service team will always be there to help you. You will also have access to our user app to manage your subscription.


con tienda Kleta o punto Kleta.



han confiado en Kleta.


¿No sabes si Kleta es para ti?

Te llamamos y te asesoramos sin compromiso. 


#Kletera desde 28/06/22

" ¡Kleta es un estilo de vida! Al principio me gustó por las bicis, pero la calidad de servicio lo convierte en algo invaluable. Poder moverme por toda la ciudad con tanta facilidad y seguridad no tiene precio, siempre la recomiendo. "

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Kleta para empresas Badi
Kleta para empresas Keyweo
Kleta para empresas Rzilient
Kleta para empresas Glovo
Kleta para empresas Gorillas
Kleta para empresas Sesame

Kleta for business

worry-free rides to the office and happier employees

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Our stores

  • You can buy a Kleta bike directly at our store or through the Kleta website. If you're on the website, simply select the bike and accessories you want to buy, choose the purchase option, and select the Kleta Service plan that best suits your needs. Psst! With Kleta Service plans, you can get discounts on the price of the bike.

  • If you're on the Kleta website and have completed the previous steps, you can see a summary of your purchase at the bottom of the page and choose the number of payment fees. The Kleta Service plan will already be included in all payment fees, and remember that no matter how many payment fees you choose, you won't have to pay any interest :)

    At the checkout page, there will be a charge of €60 to reserve your Kleta, but don't worry, it will be deducted from the cost of the bike. As a final step, you'll need to book an appointment with your personal Kleta advisor, who will contact you to finalize the financing process.

  • If you purchase a Kleta bike, you will automatically have a Kleta Service “Essential” Plan included. The benefits of the service may vary depending on the city where you are located, and you can always switch from the Kleta Service “Essential” plan to a “Don’t worry” or “Total” plan to enjoy more benefits. The service payment is every month and will be added to the payment fees you pay for the bike purchase.



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